Next Meeting: Furniture Design

When: 12 January 2019, 9:45am to 11:59am

Where: James Wood Works, 6545 Hamilton Avenue

Mike Korsak, professional woodworker and furniture maker, will present at our January meeting. Mike will give an overview of his background and training as a furniture designer, discuss his shop layout and how it relates to his success as a commissioned furniture builder, and reveal the evolution of his design process and the elements considered essential in good furniture design.

Mike studied wood products at Penn State and later worked as a timber framer, carpenter, and timber frame structure designer. After taking classes with Garret Hack, he shifted his focus to building fine furniture.

Mike’s background is evident in several articles he has written for Fine Woodworking Magazine including: Strategies for Building Stronger FurnitureFine Shop in a Renovated Garage, and Machine Layout in a Midsize Shop. Mike’s furniture is celebrated for refined design and elegant detailing and has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States.  Mike currently resides in the Pittsburgh area.